Organizational Change Management

Understanding the business impact

Make the technology work for you

Implementation of processes and new technology entails thoughtful planning and involvement of the organization. To make the most of your investment in new technology it is important to focus on the affected business users, who will employ the new technology, IT-systems, and processes on a daily basis. Omada’s SAP project management approach includes handling the organizational implementation of the transformation to ensure a successful outcome of the implemented solution.

Understanding the impact

Lack of focus on organizational change management is often the reason behind unsuccessful technology implementations and the reason why organizations experience significant challenges in realizing the expected benefits of their investments.

Involve the business and end-users

Introducing new technology in an organization influences the organization widely. People, processes, culture, collaboration, and methods are likely to be affected. Therefore, an important part in any implementation project is to involve the business and end-users, to get acceptance and support around all areas that will be affected by new technology.


In-depth business understanding

Omada’s SAP consultants possess the necessary technical expertise combined with in-depth business understanding required to determine the impact of technological changes on the organization.

To ensure organizational involvement Omada’s project approach includes 
the following:

  • As-is analysis of current business situation and processes
  • Determine expected outcome
  • Plan development in achievable, measurable stages
  • Allocate the required skills
  • Communicate and facilitate involvement from business users
  • Ensure commitment via training and support
  • SAP Training

Omada’s consultants have years of experience within advisory services and handling organizational change management successfully.

Training and advisory services

Our training and advisory services ensure that necessary skills and processes are well established in the organization, so the new technology and processes are readily accepted by the end users and properly implemented in the organization.

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