Test Management

Test Management

Efficient test management is key to secure successful go-lives in SAP Projects.




Our test management services have helped several large companies and organizations reducing business risks in major projects.



Mitigating business risk can be key in an IT project or in daily operations. When introducing changes and corrections into your IT systems,  the core business process infrastructure is being changed. To determine, design, and execute the right risk mitigation for your organization – that is what test management can do for you.

Omada Digital Services test management team is recognized in the market for delivering best-in-class test management services. We have special focus on the utility industries’ business and IT projects on SAP platforms, but we master the test management disciplines for all general business processes and technologies.

At Omada we introduce Test Management right from the start of the project lifecycle. Our dedicated SAP test specialists will determine the quality level and type of the test technique, depending on complexity and risk of the project. The result of the test management approach is that errors are detected early on in the project, minimizing issues escalating, so the hyper care period is shortened.


Test management will have immense value for organizations that embark on implementation projects, upgrades, or migration of larger SAP solutions. Omada’s Test Management ensures that projects run according to plans and that minimizes errors.

  • Improves project economy, faster ROI
  • Provides superior test process overview with “Traffic light” indicators during test and go-live
  • Minimizes delays caused by errors and ensures that the project plan is kept 
  • Contributes to keeping project and scope on track with set targets 
  • Uncovers postponed tasks in relation to go-live for post project change management
  • Provides clear overview of project plan for project participants, steering committee and business during go-live and employment of the implemented solution
  • Enables execution prioritization, so the time line doesn’t slip 
  • Determines which errors to accept or amend instantly or later
  • Addresses “System meets reality” early on in the project



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