Omada Mobile Asset Management

Keep track of your valuable assets

A user-friendly and business-centric approach

Omada Mobile Asset Management ensures that your organization achieves full control with efficient planning tools for managing mobile assets. This will enable your business to fully utilize important equipment, critical tools, and other valuable objects.

Along with the solutions user-friendly interface and business-centric approach, Omada Mobile Asset Management takes the tasks of bookings, lending, and planning of asset usage to a completely new level.

Better tracking, control and utilization of mobile assets

Omada’s solution offers automated and streamlined processes for better tracking, control, and utilization of mobile assets across the organization. The complete asset booking process is easily accessible via the intuitive user interface that enables employees to quickly overview available assets and book as required.

The system also keeps track of who disposes of an asset and for how long. Omada Mobile Asset Management handles both equipment that is available for lending or switches location, but also spare parts or other items that will be permanently installed or applied, and not returned.

Omada’s solution provides a transparent overview of mobile assets, their location, and availability, facilitating booking and loan of equipment, hence leading to improved planning and efficiency.

Proven technology - a SAP-based solution

Omada Mobile Asset Control is a SAP-based solution primarily built on SAP Logistics (MM), which is the only SAP application functionality you need to get started. The solution can be fully integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) module in the SAP ECC system for enhanced functionalities.

Implemented quickly and cost efficiently

Based on standard SAP processes, the solution is implemented quickly and cost efficiently. The solution is easy for employees to use, even if they rarely use the built in features. The customized user interface is simple and intuitive, only displaying fields that are relevant for the user.

The complexity of SAP is hidden

An ordinary process flow often requires the user to go through several different screens and transactions. Omada’s solution presents the user with fewer screens and options, which makes the user-experience more accessible. The complexity of SAP is hidden, increasing speed of transactions and reducing time need- ed for training.

Integration to mobile devices

For optimal user accessibility, the solution supports integration to mobile devices.


Get started with Omada Mobile Asset Management

Contact us for an introduction of Omada’s solution and to discuss your requirements for mobile asset management in your organization. The first step of a project is a thorough analysis of your needs in a clarifying workshop, where your key personnel and our consultants clearly identify your requirements.


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