Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Achieve the business benefits of efficient enterprise asset management



Manage the entire asset lifecycle more efficiently with streamlined enterprise asset management. Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, or artificial intelligence provide opportunities for you to optimize maintenance strategies, planning, execution, and analytics – but which approach to digitalizing enterprise asset management is right for you and how can it be executed in your organization?



For asset intensive organizations, improvements in the way enterprise asset management is executed can have great impact on both the overall business opportunities, business risk, operational costs and levels of investment in new assets. We know that the business criteria for finding and executing on the right maintenance strategy are individual for every organization, and the roadmap towards condition-based or predictive maintenance must be tailormade for your organization.

The internet of things and other IT innovations are essential to improving EAM efficiencies, and by evaluating relevant technology options in the right business context, there are great business benefits attainable for all asset intensive organizations.


Omada Digital Services has helped numerous smaller and large organizations to implement the right asset maintenance processes and tools for more than a decade. We master the newest tools and technologies, and we have vast real world experience from multiple smaller and large-scale implementation projects.

We can help you formulate the strategies, design, plan and execute a roadmap of business and IT activities to move your asset management organization to a new level of business maturity or we can engage in an agile realization of quick wins to improve business performance.



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