Customer Journey / Engagement Model

Customer Journey / Engagement Model

Ensure a consistent and superior customer experience



In the age of the customer, there is nothing more important for your business than ensuring each customer goes through a consistently superior customer experience. That is why the keen focus and mapping of the customer journey across all phases of the customer’s engagement is becoming relevant for all companies and organizations – commercial or not.



Most customer relationships are far more complex than what meets the eye, especially because so many opportunities for engagement exist than ever before. The modern customer expects a seamless experience with your company, both from a process perspective, level of service and from a technology point of view. Viewing the journey from your customer’s perspective enables you to find out where you are missing interaction points so you can establish a consistent and streamlined process. It also helps you identify, as a company, where you are falling short and where the silos exist within your organization and especially regarding your IT landscape.


Omada Digital Services helps you establish a visual representation of every touchpoint (based on actions and behaviors) and process steps your customers have with your brand. Based on our industry experience, we guide you through the process and provide inspiration for opportunities optimize performance. Mapping the customer journey to internal processes, information flows, and IT applications and platforms is essential legwork to design and plan for real business improvements.

Omada Digital Services can take you all the way from inspiration to implementation of customer journey redesign and improvements.



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